Att Uverse Internet + Linksys Router?

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    I have att uverse internet and it has 4 wired ports and wireless access, but I have 3 of the 4 ports being used (2 wired computers and 1 ps3), and I want to run a line out of the tv cable box we have in the livingroom (on the back of the box there is an ethernet port which i have tested and it works for computers or game systems), my idea was to run my old linksys wireless router wrts54gs which would give me 4 more ports out in the livingroom - plans on setting up another computer and maybe another computer down the road on that end of the house.

    I did hook the router up (previously it was on comcast and was setup with wep security) and i connected wired lines but the computer was not showing up as "connected" to the net, also on a wireless laptop I could see the linksys ssid name, so i tried signing into it with the old encryption password (and the att password)but it still wouldn't connect even tho it saw it and I do know the new and old sign in password info.

    I am a total novice to all this, but if nothing else i would like to be able to use this wireless router as a wired extra port type thing (maybe not using the wireless so much) just to get some extra ports for hardwire hookeups.

    Hope this makes sense, guessing ill have to hit the reset on the linksys and maybe play with some settings in the linksys menus (havent been in that screen for years) but i remember it was something like to access it etc...

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    Hi FTLOSM,

    We're one hour apart. I'm on the East Coast.

    Let's start with the Brand/Model of your Modem and primary Router.

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    It's an att residential gateway all in one brain thing, it seems like an overgrown wireless router, from that each tv has a box that on the back there is also a network cable jack, the way the house was wired it appeared the main line came into their old office (which is now my 9 yr olds room) so the unit sits in her room on far end of the house.

    In the family room I have an att box with that network port that I have tested and it works fine for wired computer or ps3 wired, so i figured id try to plug that into my linksys router and use it for 4 more ports out in family room (for a pc, ps3, another pc in den out there etc).

    I did some digging in a box we had here of stuff and found a dlink 8 port switch i had from way back, hooked that into the att cable box network port and plugged in the pc and ps3 etc all is working fine off that, so guess I won't be using the linksys, but I was thinking it should have worked probably just something simple in the settings i needed to change but at this point using that dlink it seems to do what i needed it to, just was trying to get that limksys to work...
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    Sounds like you're up and running to your satisfaction.
    If so, I will consider this a "closed case". If you decide to
    do things differently, we'll be here if needed.
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    hey i am having about the same problem as ftlosm. i am set up in the attic of my house and the wireless is running a little slower up here so i want to connect my linksys wrt300n wireless router. i know the router works because just had it hooked up to time warner, i recently have restored it to factory settings.
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    Please just start your own thread or topic and we will be glad to help you out. Every problem is different even if they seem to be similar. Thanks !

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