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Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Match, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Match

    Match ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    OK so your here,

    If like me you just installed Windows 7 64Bit OS and then installed Firefox and have found that you are suffering from Firefox freezing and Hanging,

    then to close it and try to open it again to get told its still running, and after having a quick look in processes reveled that it is still running and using 98% of your CPU time here is the answer.

    1. Back up your Bookmarks and other information

    2. make a note of your saved passwords, pen paper job

    3. create a new profile

    4. delete your old profile

    5. restore your backed up profile and Bookmarks, see link in step 1

    6. Join our forum and let us know how helpful this was for you and or if you think that you have a better way or the instructions could be made easier to follow :)
  2. BeeCeeBee


    From what I have been reading you may be better off sticking with 32 bit until such time as the software publishing world makes that impossible. I do know that many new PCs and Laptops have been sold with the 64 bit version and have been encountering an enormous amount of tech support queries. Frankly, I was a bit put off that mine was purchased with the 32 bit version installed but I have encountered no problems and am glad I made my choice based on the hardware rather than the OS.
  3. DirtyPolo

    DirtyPolo Inactive Staff Member

    I am running Vista 32bt, and get a lot of FireFox problems. I used to get the usual crash every now and then before, but now it's just ridiculous. Not sure if it's a FireFox stability issue right now?
  4. BSchwarz

    BSchwarz Founder Administrator

    I've been running 64bit since XP 64 was in beta. I've had problems with Firefox consuming memory since I first started using it a couple years ago. Even on OS X and my laptop which runs windows 7 32bit I have problems with it. Tabs seem leak memory like crazy. Open up 4 or more tabs and then watch task manager. You'll see firefox.exe steadily chew up the memory. This wouldn't be a problem if it would release the memory as you close tabs. I can crash Firefox at will by editing the templates or css on this site. I can crash it with Twitter. Even with the problems it's still my browser of choice. The other alternative for OS X are far inferior. On Windows I do use IE 8 most of the time.
  5. Match

    Match ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    ermm well that's how I fixed the problem. Since creating a new Profile all is well and hey I can now use Firefox to post a reply where as before I just had time to open the reply window.

    missed out that the problem persisted even after uninstalling and re installing !!??

    a bit stuck for some drivers specific to manufacturers hardware but Microsoft Generic seem to be working fine for chipset and lan driver, and I think that the major problem there is that Abit is no longer.

    I've even gained an extra .2 on my windows experience index, most peculiar that!!! my GPU runs better on a 64bit OS by .2 ???

    See what you mean I just experimented and opened 16 tabs simultaneously and it quite happily swiped 150K of Ram then closed all and it only released 50K, when it only uses 30k to open one window
  6. BSchwarz

    BSchwarz Founder Administrator

    When you uninstall Firefox you have to do a custom uninstall and remove everything. If you don't it leaves some remnants behind that it thinks will help you when you do decide to reinstall. I had the same problem until I found that custom part which allows you to remove all the reg entries, profiles and bookmarks.
  7. Match

    Match ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    Guessed as much, seems a common thing nowdays but while I was searching I came across the profile problem and the solution, just that it took 10+ posts to resolve it, lol so I thought that to have it in one might help people :)

    so back to playing and messing

    if its working you'll never understand how it works till you break it.
  8. coppernaut

    coppernaut New Member

    Sorry to bump this, but does anybody know why exactly Firefox hangs and becomes unresponsive like this, forcing us to follow the steps in the first post? Thanks by the way. I found this thread with Google when I began having these problems with my Windows 7 64-bit and Firefox.
  9. Match

    Match ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    Not totally sure but for some reason the default profile becomes corrupt and by creating a new one and deleting the old you can easily rectify the problem rather than have to mess around trying to fix it.

    Nice to know I wasn't the only one, I've installed windows 7 about 5 or 6 times now and My machine was the only one to have this problem hmmm, :angry:, but I have re-installed since I made the first post and their were no problems that time :D
  10. coppernaut

    coppernaut New Member

    I thought I'd note that oddly enough this problem somehow fixed itself on my PC. Since I've found this post, the Firefox issue has happened a total of 3 times, twice I used the info in this post to fix the problem. The third time I was just annoyed that I had to keep creating profiles just to get Firefox to work, so I put it off a few days and used IE a bit more, but still used Firefox for certain bookmarked sites. Yesterday I successfully downloaded a file through Firefox from a website that wouldn't respond when Firefox was acting up. So I continued to play with it, opened up Firefox, opened about 10 tabs, rapidly loaded sites on them all, closed out of Firefox in the middle of loading sites and tabs a few times, etc. Basically the things I felt caused Firefox to act up for me in the first place. And it's fixed somehow. Windows had an update yesterday, but somehow I doubt Microsoft fixed this ha. I know I'm going to jinx myself.
  11. KlickKatt

    KlickKatt Inactive Staff Member

    Suppose I might as well add my experiences too.
    I've always had Firefox hang occasionally - might well be tied in with my habit of keeping lots of tabs open.

    I think the highest reading I've seen in Windows Task Manager is 700,000K +. Not releasing memory seems to be a problem for about as long as I can remember, even when they talk about a fix with a new release. 235,520K is my current number - with a modest thirty tabs open. And a bare thirty-eight extensions.

    One of these extensions is called Memory Fox [ ] and claims to:
    The truly surprising thing about this extension ...... is that it actually does what it claims. (It just dropped my usage to 70,000K. I've seen it go lower when I've had the patience to stare at the Task Manager until it changes.) Does this actually help? Little hard for me to tell, since I've got 8GB of RAM to burn.

    BTW, in order to perform this "magic" it runs a program called afom.exe which uses a tad over 7,000K.

    Might be worth your try.. :D
  12. incurablegeek

    incurablegeek New Member

    I use Firefox (actually for years now) on my Win 7 32 bit and Win 7 64 bit. Never, never a problem. HOWEVER, when I used Norton 2010 Internet Security, both my 32 and 64 bit gave me NOT RESPONDING error messages all the time. On the 32 bit the poor CPU was always running at 100%.

    Trust me on this one. Norton (and other mega-suites) is the problem. Getting rid of Norton, however, is truly not easy. Norton gets its hooks into the Registry, literally everywhere, and takes over ownership of your computer. You might try Advanced Uninstaller Pro, which cleans some of the hooks out of your registry; but the only way to be sure that you have killed the Norton Beast is a clean install.

    As for Open Tabs being a problem. Logical, But No. I right now have 28 tabs open (trying to cut back).

    For backing up all your settings on Firefox, toolbars, etc., I can only recommend the Firefox Add-On called XMarks. It has saved my sorry behind many times. XMarks stores all your bookmarks, etc. on line so if your computer goes KaBoom, you can just put in Firefox and XMarks and ....

    In short, Firefox for sure Ain't The Problem. Norton is!! B)
  13. Nibiru2012

    Nibiru2012 Junior Member

    With the new Firefox 3.6.3 I have not any freeze or stutter issues at all.

    It looks like Mozilla finally got the bugs worked out. :rolleyes:
  14. Match

    Match ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    Fingers Crossed for now ;)

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