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Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by n64kev, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. n64kev

    n64kev New Member

    My computer is a hp media center pc m7250n. My problems include: 1.freezing on blue hp screen on start up. 2. The computer wont shutdown completely without a manually pressing the power button on the front. 3. If the computer is left on it auto shuts down (or attempts to) and it requires the button to be push again. 4. The media center just doesn't want to work and I would put down the error message if I could get by the blue screen. This computer has seen its fair share of problems its had the power go out when nortan anti virus is running, it anti virus live was accidentaly downloaded but im pretty sure I got rid of that. Any help would be helpful, but don't give me the "buy a new computer" crap. Im already pretty stressed already.
  2. DSTM (Dougie)

    DSTM (Dougie) Retired CHF Staff

    Hi. Try safe mode and select "Disable auto restart on system failure" and see if you can get some error codes.

    Hold down F8 on startup.

    Seems you have programs still running as you are trying to shut down.
  3. n64kev

    n64kev New Member

    On the blue screen it just freezes do I can't hold down esc, F8 or any other number. Any way around that?
  4. n64kev

    n64kev New Member

    Could a wired keyboard maybe work better for the f8?
  5. DSTM (Dougie)

    DSTM (Dougie) Retired CHF Staff

    Windows XP Media Center
    To enter Safe Mode:

    Restart your computer and immediately begin to tap the F8 key repeatedly until you see the Windows Advanced Options Menu.
    Select the option for Safe Mode using the arrow keys on the keyboard.
    Press the Enter key on the keyboard to boot into Safe Mode.

    I understand what your saying. Try my instructions carefully.
    Have you any Discs with this Computer?

    Disable your Antivirus while trying to boot.
  6. n64kev

    n64kev New Member

    How long should it take its been like 5 min
  7. n64kev

    n64kev New Member

    I also have no clue where (if I even have a disk) should be. K ill b on tomarow any new suggestions would be helpful
  8. DSTM (Dougie)

    DSTM (Dougie) Retired CHF Staff

    There is no easy fix in my opinion.

    I think you have corrupted System Files.

    You cant boot so can't run CHKDSK.

    You can't or don't know how to get into Safe Mode.

    I would reinstall your operating System, or try the HP System Recovery.

    Instructions here.
  9. Dalo Harkin

    Dalo Harkin Inactive Staff Member

    I agree with Doug, given the issues you have had/are having, I would suggest you use the recovery console, when the computer boots you get a black screen giving you the options:-
    Launch HP recovery utility
    Start Operating System XP MCE
  10. n64kev

    n64kev New Member

    I have done the safe mode before when the antivirus live crap was on the computer because it was the only way around it. Now the computer just stays at that screen and it ignores all keyboard instructions. Ill see if I can figure out how to get the systems recovery area. Also this happened over the weekend and I unpluged it and physicaly cleaned it out (dust that is) but inoticed when I pluged it back in it started up no problem. Is it possible that the computer has some sort of memory that stores what I was doing and it is now getting stuck in the middlle of a set up? My guess would be that it was unpluged long enough (overnight) and it started at the correct point? Im probutly wrong lolz, your the experts.
  11. allheart55 (Cindy E)

    allheart55 (Cindy E) ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    Some malware infections that not only block safe mode, but also prevent you from doing anything at all.
    It seems your only real option is to perform a Factory Recovery. Step by step instructions are below.

    Disconnect all peripherals and internal non pre-installed devices from the PC, except the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

    Turn on the computer. When the initial blue HP screen appears, press the F10 key repeatedly until a recovery menu appears.

    When the Recovery screen appears, click Next, and then click Yes to perform a normal, non-destructive recovery.

    To perform a destructive recovery, click Advanced, and then click Yes.

    After the System Recovery is complete, and the computer starts successfully, be sure to install and update your
    security software and get Windows Microsoft Updates.
  12. n64kev

    n64kev New Member

    Wouldn't I loss all my data?
  13. n64kev

    n64kev New Member

    K I got it to turn on and one error message is:
    MSVideCtl System Broadcast Message Receiver: ehRecvr.exe - Application Error
    The instruction at "0x9acab422" referenced memory at "0x00000004". The memory could not be "read".
    Click on OK to terminate the program
    Click on CANCEL to debug program

    What does that mean?
  14. allheart55 (Cindy E)

    allheart55 (Cindy E) ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    Sorry, If you haven't created any backups, yes, you will lose all of it .
  15. allheart55 (Cindy E)

    allheart55 (Cindy E) ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    It refers to problem with Media Center.
  16. n64kev

    n64kev New Member

    Any way to fix it?
  17. allheart55 (Cindy E)

    allheart55 (Cindy E) ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    You can disable it. This will stop the error message, it will not repair Media Center.

    Click on Start and select Run.
    Type in services.msc and click okay or press the enter key.
    In the Services Window, locate Media Center Receiver Service
    Click on Stop
    Right click Media Center Receiver Service Properties
    In the drop down box under Start Up Type, select disabled.
    Click okay.
    Reboot your computer.

    This will stop the error message only, it doesn't fix the problem .
  18. allheart55 (Cindy E)

    allheart55 (Cindy E) ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    I understand your concern about losing all your data but this may be your only option.
    You can attempt a non-destructive recovery but there is no guarantee whether it will
    be successful. It's not likely to fix anything but you won't know without trying.

    The destructive recovery restores to factory settings. All of your personal data, any
    partitions and software that you had installed will be gone.

    It's my understanding that by performing a non-destructive recovery only the operating
    system is replaced. If you still have these problems after finishing the non-destructive
    recovery, you can run the full destructive recovery. Follow the instructions below....

  19. BeeCeeBee


    One thing you can try in order to save your data is to remove and connect your Hard Drive to another computer. This will not fix anything but you may be able to read and retrieve your data and save it to another form of media such as a DVD or another external drive. If you want to try this and your data is important we can give you instructions.

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