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Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by Tony D, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Tony D

    Tony D SUPER MODERATOR Super Moderators

    Knowing that MS will not update XP after April 8, 2014, how do you keep XP secure?

    I've heard that exploits found in later versions of Windows might also pertain to XP. With MS not patching XP, those vulnerabilities, if they indeed are in XP, will go unprotected.

    I'm wondering how effective protection supplied by Malwarebytes, Avast, ESET, etc will be at protecting against attacks on XP vulnerabilities. Has anyone heard any news on this angle?

    I'm asking because I have several customers who are still on XP. Actually, most of my customers are still on XP. Many are elderly and will have a hard time adjusting to anything. I have some business customers who will feel strapped if they have to purchase new equipment.
  2. Plastic Nev

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    Well this subject has been done to death recently on a lot of forums with many forecasting a huge assault on XP by the hackers. However most antimalware vendors are promising protection will continue and for a long time to come, so with careful use, strong control of the system users by management, there may not be too much of a problem.

    However the main basic protection is and always will be, full backup of all data onto separate and disconnectable external hard drives, with no excuse for leaving them connected when backups are not being done. The Cryptolocker virus for example, will infect those drives if they are connected at the time of first infection, being the main reason to not have them connected continuously.

  3. Tony D

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    That's what I am hoping for.
  4. DSTM (Dougie)

    DSTM (Dougie) Retired CHF Staff

    I still have friends running Windows95 and Windows2000 millenium.
    The only drawback are a lot of late programs they can't run.
    XP will be around for years yet and will still run OK without support.
    Just run your normal security programs.
  5. Rich-M

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    XP has some different problems though Tony because it is so old and they are problems with situations we cannot fix. There are corrupted OE programs that are not fixable because there is no way to install or reinstall OE since Windows Updates have made that impossible. And I have lists of things that no longer work in XP plus as has been mentioned new programs most likely will no longer install there. And what of dead printers that cannot be replaced at all. I have only one client with a real issue and that is a trucking company that needs to use a certain AAA map program no longer made that we cannot install anywhere else so I sold him a Windows XP Laptop we will keep off the internet to run the one program and that is fine they use it 100 times a day. Off the internet XP can live on forever but on the internet with all its flaws and holes I doubt more than a few months will work safely.

    Personally I think we owe it to our customers to move them forward and Tony there is a lot of business in doing that you will otherwise miss so if I were you I would become a missionary. The end of XP has sold me a literal ton of desktops this year because I will not let my customers spend a lot of money on an XP pc because the end is near. That could be the single reason I have had the best year of desktop sales and I have not worked on an XP pc all year and am ducking clients with them if I don't think I can upgrade them. My official position is I no longer work on them. Frankly drivers are a huge issue even now for XP pcs and when April rolls around you will not see any XP drivers from the real cut throats like HP. They couldn't wait to end driver support for 98 and I have no intention of spending all kinds of unbillable hours trying to make hardware work in XP anymore and cleanups? Good night it takes 5 times longer to clean an XP pc than any other OS..
  6. starbuck


    If i wipe the dust off it..... i still have a Windows 2000 pro machine. :geek:
  7. Rich-M

    Rich-M SUPER MODERATOR Super Moderators

    Pete Please don't brag about that!!!!!!:rckon:
  8. Plastic Nev

    Plastic Nev SUPER MODERATOR Super Moderators

    There will still be a lot of folks, either on minimum income such as pensioners, who also will be unwilling to accept change, and insist on keeping their Windows XP machine running, just because it still does, and cannot afford to buy a new system.
    Or for that matter being older folks, may not be able to work their way round W8. Not that this forum is for the over 60's exclusively, but we get plenty of home user members who are.
    Bearing that in mind, we cannot just refuse to help where we can, when and if they do hit problems after April.

    Oh, and after another twenty years I will be able to brag about still having an XP machine. :biggrin:

  9. Rich-M

    Rich-M SUPER MODERATOR Super Moderators

    Nev its funny but when you say they can't afford it, they somehow always do when the pc drops dead all together. For myself, I feel allowing a client of mine to remain on XP would be something that I feel is against their interests and mine. If they want to do that fine, all they need to do is find another tech to work with them. I am not going to do it. You know I let them use post dated checks to pay it out monthly and can do the same thing with debit cards and credit cards as well and I sell refurbished desktops for $320-$350 that have Windows 7 on them and I warranty for a year.
    I have been and will continue to sell pcs with Windows 7 on them all year besides. And Windows 8 is really no excuse, just put Classic Start on it and few can tell the difference anyway.
    It takes forever to clean one of those, drivers are impossible to find and install and that will get worse and they won't pay the extra hours it will take to do the same thing on their computers but I'm sure there are plenty of techs who will work with them, it just won't be me.
  10. Plastic Nev

    Plastic Nev SUPER MODERATOR Super Moderators

    Ah but you keep talking as a business man running a business, my concern is for this forum which is about giving advice for free.
    This forum is certainly not a business, it is a free forum giving advice freely, we do the best we can with sometimes limited resources, and most importantly keep a good reputation for the free service we offer.
    As with the even older systems going right back to Windows 95, of course it is now limited as to what we can offer, and eventually the same will apply to XP, sure we can recommend upgrading, that isn't always taken up though and we have to accept that.
    I am retired, I have some knowledge, and willing to give that as maybe a hobby as do the rest of the forum staff, that is what it is about.
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  11. Rich-M

    Rich-M SUPER MODERATOR Super Moderators

    I agree Nev but we have to remember not everything is FREE! And FREE isn't always right either. An older customer wanders out into the forum with an Antivirus and AntiMalware program that doesn't function well anymore in an unsupported OS and gets infected a lot quicker so again what is the answer. The answer to me is as a tech retired or working we still have to tell them what is the best thing for them realizing sometimes there is a cost but is that cost greater than what it might be with little protection and no support? That is the real question. For me the fact I make a living at it has nothing to do with my advice because actually I am also retired so my goal is to supplement my income doing something I enjoy helping guide others down the right path while working as little as possible to do so. Unfortunately many may have to read that last sentence 3 times to get its meaning and I am not being a smart ass either, I just know how Tony loves to dissect my sentences and question the meaning is all!:bnghd:
  12. Plastic Nev

    Plastic Nev SUPER MODERATOR Super Moderators

    On a forum like this it is in the end down to what the member wishes to do, it isn't as if we are in a shop surrounded by brand new machines and being physically given an older machine to fix. We can only advise and help, and try to follow the main forum policy of free softwares where applicable.

  13. Rich-M

    Rich-M SUPER MODERATOR Super Moderators

    Of course I agree Nev no different then "you can lead a horse to water but on a forum no way to make them drink!":iagree:
  14. DSTM (Dougie)

    DSTM (Dougie) Retired CHF Staff

    May I remind you this is a public forum and members are reading these posts.:)
  15. patszy

    patszy Registered Members

    Aha.....yes, all very interesting.

    Hubby is going to be 86....I (I, almost84) just got a new Windows 8 so he can have my Windows 7 computer to replace his XP. Guess he can keep it around though, to play solitaire though with no problem.
  16. manofkent

    manofkent Registered Members

    Well, at least two of us read it !

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